Kris Perrin of GraVil joins Khaidian

…well that took a little longer than expected.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce our new drummer, Kris Perrin (GraVilThe Hyde ProjectFaux Fighters UKOne Fell Down (Official), and now Khaidian).

For those in the know, Perrin stood in for Paul at our Kill II This show last year, taking time out of his ridiculous schedule to put on an amazing show with us, at very short notice.

Perrin has since been working with Andy on The Hyde Project, both having worked together previously in Southend flick-knife metal liabilities, Stoopi, back in 2001/2, or something along those lines? It was a startlingly long time ago, any way you slice it…

But now, Perrin is joining forces with Khaidian full time!! We are full of excite. Expect us to be releasing details of tour dates and our album release once we’ve managed to butter up our ever patient label, Armalyte Industries.

So please join us in welcoming aboard the Man, the Myth, the Legend that is… Perrin.

Two R’s. Two vowels. One P and an N. Recognize.

We’d also like to take a second to throw some love to our previous drummer, Paul Fowler, who appears on our debut album playing drums and has contributed a cheeky little remix as well. We want to thank him for being part of and contributing to the band and our stupid little family. Big love all round bro. 

We considered Paul to be integral to Khaidian since first working with him, so it’s been especially hard to find a replacement. To all those drummers that tried out, we appreciate the efforts you went to.

To the rest of you gorgeous, patient souls out there… We will be seeing you.


Very soon.30623848_1635671553136324_94733625496436736_o